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Hotel Keycard Switch

Improves Energy Saving

Our Key Card Switch acts as the main electrical switch for the room and is operated by the guests’, reducing the amount of time the lights (and/or appliances) are left on. All lighting and heating facilities only become operational once a corresponding card is inserted in to the Key Card Switch, so no needless heating, cooling or lighting of an unoccupied space takes place. When the key card is removed the controlled circuits remain under power for a further 10 seconds to 5 minutes which can be adjusted by the hidden potentiometer under the Cover Plate. This helps ensure a safe exit from the room before the power is turned off.

LED Indicator

Locate the Key Card Switch in the dark via the power LED indicator,
so no additional lighting is required to turn the Key Card Switch on.

Compatible With Hotels’ Card Entry System Cards

Suitable for standard cards and credit cards 85.60mm × 53.98 mm

Suitable For Controlling Lighting Circuits

Suitable for switching Inductive loads of 6AX and resistive loads of 10A. Larger loads such as sockets and air conditioning can be connected via contractors. Connection terminals suitable for 2 x 1.5mm² cable.